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Stephanie Whitmore
Founder and Principal

Traffic & TxDOT Division

Stephanie brings over 20 years experience in the Women Owned Business field to the construction industry.


Beginning in 2000, Stephanie worked for a custom home builder as a project manager building both residential and commercial structures.  That experience led her to start her own construction company as well as founding and owning a retail tile and granite store.  Moving to central Texas in 2010 introduced an opportunity in the propane utility industry.  As a Texas Railroad Commission Category E certified propane manager and vice president of a multiple location propane business, Stephanie gained vast experience in the utility industry.  


In 2018, Stephanie established an avenue to combine her previous experience and founded McGray Enterprises which focuses on, but is not limited to, materials and services in the  traffic utility and construction products for Highway, Heavy, Utilities, and Transportation Industries.

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